Week ending Sunday 2010/05/16

Monday 13:54

"Conroy pledges not to broaden filter scope" . www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/05/10/2894468.htm . FFS, he's a politician, he lies for a living [Original.]

Monday 15:08

meaningless performance plan/review time, someone noticed that the oft-postponed Jan. review was never rescheduled. paperwork needed now! [Original.]

Tuesday 14:01

weird noises from outside in the car-park; suspects someone is torturing a mastodon [Original.]

Tuesday 15:13

amused that headline article on intraweb is a) a year old b) proudly proclaiming an increase of 70% in power. Not #greenIT [Original.]

Tuesday 16:34

RT @abcnewsVic: Thousands of pirate videos seized by police www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/05/11/2896391.htm Errol Flynn, eat yer heat out [Original.]

Wednesday 09:19

Three days in a row RGH775 parks his car blocking the bike path, on the fourth day we invoke the parking inspektors viva la council! [Original.]

Wednesday 09:33

tries to find out how to get a server turned off, unused since Oct-2008 #greenIT #FAIL [Original.]

Wednesday 13:52

today's peculiar noise from outside in the carpark: sounds like Jacques Cousteau/scuba noises [Original.]

Wednesday 16:04

...now where did I put my clown hat [Original.]

Thursday 13:34

once again Lotus Notes/Domino #IMAP #FAIL [Original.]

Thursday 17:20

...and in herring news, "Giant herring found in Sweden" www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/05/12/2897292.htm 3.5m, wowwee, that's one big herring! [Original.]

Thursday 21:30

@dogcow whats the gig in corsica? [Original, responding to @dogcow.]

Thursday 21:34

@dogcow I'd go just for the "distributed pattern recoginition" :-P Corsica sounds cool, nearly went there once... [Original, responding to @dogcow.]

Friday 15:18

@pmcneil web forums are a crap way of forcing page views on what should be a newsforum. NNTP works [Original, responding to @pmcneil.]

Sunday 13:43

returns from expedition; had donned safari jacket and pith helmet to bag himself the biggest fridge possible for a 69cm wide fridge-'ole [Original.]