Week ending Sunday 2010/05/23

Monday 10:11

@kml haha, tried to argue point 2 a year or so ago when mgr labelled _everything_ TOP PRIORITY [Original, responding to @kml.]

Monday 10:34

regenerates a bunch of system reports for vendor support people, job has been open so long the old ones were automatically deleted. #FAIL [Original.]

Monday 11:27

spleen-venting cow-orker arrives in office with a big rant about forced password changes [Original.]

Monday 13:06

@enyap_ynot sounds better than most of melbourne's public hospitals [Original, responding to @enyap_ynot.]

Monday 13:07

Nokia windows software, #FOAD, three reboots, phone on/off, much cable jiggy-jiggy still much #FAIL [Original.]

Monday 13:17

cannot update BLOODY NOKIA phone; BLOODY NOKIA phone cannot connect to PC because BLOODY NOKIA PHONE needs BLOODY UPDATE! #FOAD useless crap [Original.]

Monday 15:52

oh yay, receives casual "BTW, building site outside your office for four months from july" [Original.]

Monday 16:06

vendor 1st level support cannot help. 2nd level support wont help with no crash dump. 1st level support deleted crash dump by accident #HML [Original.]

Monday 18:04

has had his sense of humour thoroughly removed by monday. now attempting re-engruntlement [Original.]

Tuesday 09:21

yesterday, read the word "#Garderobe" in a book. Today, a Bill Bryson column defining it appeas www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2010/may/17/bill-bryson-toilet #synchronicity [Original.]

Tuesday 09:24

Adrian Lovely clear wintery morning this morning, beautiful ride to work and a surprisingly low number of idiots i... www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=717182007&story_fbid=100161086698159 [Original.]

Tuesday 11:24

has a few hassles with FTP, has to think back to the 1990s to deal with vendor's support site [Original.]

Tuesday 13:18

goes for a walk in the sun to try and recover from an hour of vendor mega-frustratathon/misunderstandathon [Original.]

Tuesday 13:39

and A BIG HELLO to @MonashITS, and all the other employers who follow their employees #bigbrother [Original.]

Tuesday 16:10

@dogcow temporarily out or permanently out? [Original, responding to @dogcow.]

Tuesday 18:30

how long must abandoned car sit on footpath in Huntingdale station before council parking drones realise, stop ticketing it and tow it away? [Original.]

Wednesday 19:53

why do I *ALWAYS* lose at rock-paper-scissors at home? /me goes out to the shops to get milk [Original.]

Wednesday 21:32

Matthew Keenan on SBS - enough tautologies! "peloton" means "main field". PLEASE STOP SAYING "the main peloton" [Original.]

Thursday 10:19

Thank you #Telstra for email to tell me I have a new bill for account closed 3 months ago. Extra thanks for a bill for $0.00 #USELESS #FAIL [Original.]

Thursday 22:03

Google maps typo maps.google.com.au/?ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Oakleigh+Victoria&ll=-37.880375,145.136068&spn=0.012465,0.015278&t=h&z=16 "Walley reserve" Mt Waverley [Original.]

Sunday 09:16

GO MICK yells the two year old on couch. @mickrogers Congrats! [Original.]

Sunday 13:20

house we were interested in advertised $600k-650k, sells for $795k ... and they claim there's no #underquoting in melbourne #SCAM [Original.]