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2008 Movies

We seem to see fewer and fewer movies as the years go by, after starting 2007 with the best of intentions I think seeing a couple of movies at Chadstone sitting ankle-deep in rubbish while obnoxious people talked through movies, answered their phones through movies, or played with lasers through movies, put us off for the rest of the year. Maybe 2008 will be better…

2008-Apr-23 The Painted Veil
2008-May-30 V for Vendetta (DVD)
2008-Dec-11 Kung Fu Panda (DVD)
2008-Dec-12 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (DVD)
2008-Dec-26 Chicken Run (DVD)

Well that was pretty pathetic. Did I really only go and see one movie in a cinema all year?

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