Fri, 20 Nov 1998

London — Melbourne // at 23:59

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As I was sitting in the aircraft on the ground at Frankfurt I got to see the way that Lufthansa staff handled my bicycle. The box came down the ramp with the other oversize luggage and the handler attempted to pick it up by wrapping his arms around it length-ways rather than use the hand-holds cut into the sides of the box. Since his arms couldn't quite reach around it and it slid out of his grasp he just threw it across the ground onto the trolley. It hit the rear of the trolley and started to fall back towards him so swung his leg out and with a roundhouse kick kicked it back upright. I was wishing that I had a video camera with me. Thanks Lufthansa, baggage handling on top of the attempted expensive bike fee!

Once I got home and unpacked it I discovered that the front brakes were so badly twisted around the mounts that I had to completely disassemble them, re-attach the mounting studs, and then rebuild the brakes.

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