Wed, 20 Jun 2001

Jersey to St. Malo // at 23:59

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  Odometer: 1169.2km
  Today: 48.110km
  Trip total: ??km

Young Sammy's first birthday if I remember correctly...

I bummed around all day in the sun, riding out to le Corbienne lighthouse in the south-west. Once there I found a broken spoke, on the cluster side of course. Probably as a result of over-changing and dropping the derailleur into the spokes.

Rode back to St Helier and tried all three bike shops, all were too busy to change it. I ended up doing it out on the street with the help of a guy who ran a tourist bike-hire business, he'd called in to visit at the same time I was there. After a bit of re-tensioning to the entire wheel it all finally stopped creaking and so we went and had a beer while I waited for the ferry...

Chatted to a Danish motor-cyclist on the crossing to St. Malo, then had my bike disinfected against foot and mouth yet again as we disembarked. The guy manning the disinfectant sprayer was pretty good about it, acknowledged that the odds on me managing to bring foot and mouth disease on the bike tyres were almost zero, and was careful not to blast the oil and grease off the gears and chain.

A little disorientation and riding around in circles before I managed to find the St Malo Youth Hostel, I ended up almost heading out of town before I found a sign pointing back in towards where I wanted to go. My minimalist map was no help, so I covered the same roads about four times in different directions.


St Helier, St. Malo

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