Fri, 22 Jun 2001

Rennes to Nantes // at 23:59

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  Odometer: 1455.0km
  Today: 143.9km
  Trip total: ??km

I've had a sore throat all day, I think I'm getting a cold.

I felt like crap and hardly wrote anything in my journal.

Rennes was nearly impossible to get out of on the bike, I ended up heading south on the main highway for a few kilometres before being able to escape onto the side roads.


Rennes, N137-E3 to Chartres-de-Bretagne, Noyal-Chatillon-sur-Seiche, St Erolon, Bourgbarré, Chanteloup, le Sel-e-Bretagne, la Bosse-de-Bretagne, Teillay, la Thébaudais, Rouge, Châteaubriant, Issé, la Robertière, Nort-s-Erdre, D 26 to Sucé-sur-Erdre, Nantes.

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