Wed, 04 Jul 2001

Sarlat to St. Céré // at 23:59

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  Odometer: 2312.6km
  Today: 97.31km
  Trip total: ??km

Yay, it was cool and overcast this morning!

The ride out of Sarlat was remarkably easy, no problems getting through either the town or the traffic. The first 30km just flew past.

[*] We stopped for pastries and coffee at St. Julien de Lampon and were served by a very grumpy lady in the bakery, then back outside were we sat in the square and watched as other cycle groups passed us in both directions. It was amusing to think that the “bon jours” that we called out were most likely being responded to by other visiting English and American cyclists. Some of the groups seemed to be riding a very low distance each day, their bus picking them up and dropping them on the outskirts of each picturesque spot, then letting them ride through it and back to join the bus.

The climb up to Rocamadour was great, if the weather had been hot like yesterday it would have been a killer with all the bare rock faces around us.

[*] At Rocamadour Irish Dave and I were far more interested in food than in the natural and man-made beauty of the place, so after a quick look round we had a large steak and chips and flirted with the waitress at a café. It was all worthwhile with her smiles, then when the couple at the next table left she just handed us their half-full wine carafe to finish off.

Leaving in the light rain it was almost cold, but after the last few days it was a delight. The last 30km were in either drizzle or rain, a bit of thunder and then the 6km descent into Sarlat—taken at a very easy pace on the slippery road! I stupidly opened my mouth when we were around 5km from town, mentioning to Dave how we'd avoided most of the rain, and how lucky we'd been — not surprisingly, it then started to pour on us for the last stretch into town.

We got in at around 4pm, just in time to help Martin put up the marquee in the rain so that the others could be dry when they arrived.



Sarlat, Carsac, Grolèjac, Veyrignac, Ste Mondane, St. Julien de Lampon, Payrac, Calès, Rocamadour, Alvignac, Padirac, St Jean Lespinasse, St Céré.

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