Sun, 22 Jul 2001

Reading // at 23:59

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Lazy me sat around all day reading and watching SciFi TV. I did get out around 1pm for a walk down the Thames and up along the Kennet canal. (That name still amuses me, depending on your political inclination, Jeff Kennet was a very popular/unpopular politician in Australia. A bit like finding a “maggie thatcher canal” I guess.)

Then foolishly, I decided to walk into town to see a movie, and chose Jurassic Park III. My el-cheapo bike computer nearly made me miss it by mysteriously losing 35 minutes. I was sitting having a bite to eat beforehand when I suddenly realised what the time really was and had to race out the door and over to the cinema. It was all a bit of a waste of the £5.50 really, very ho-hum and predictable.



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