Fri, 01 Mar 2002

Dog Day // at 23:59

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08:45, somewhere around Glenn Iris a large labrador is busy relieving itself on the edge of the path. As I ride past the owner, strolling along six metres back, lead dangling from her hand, I say to the owner “Hope you're going to clean that up. Receive typical reply, “mind your own business. Apparently large smelly piles of dog faeces on a shared path is not my business. No, she did not clean it up either.

19:00, Glen Iris park, woman in her 20s is leading a small terrier on a lead, and walking along the left hand side of the track. As I come up behind her she glances over her shoulder and then walks diagonally across the path straight in front of me to get off the right hand side! Wishing to not run into her I stopped, did a track stand, and rode around her to the left. The following conversation the took place.

  Me: “Please keep left!”
  Her: “Piss off”
  Me: “You do know you're supposed to keep to the left?”
  Her: “Piss off, I was getting out of your way”
  Me: “No, you didn't, you nearly walked into me! You're meant to

walk on the left!”

  Her: “Just piss off dickhead”
  Me: “I hope you drive on the left”
  Her: “Get fucked”

19:15, a bit further along where the path narrows and there's a wall on the left and a fence on the right. From the left there is: a dog on a lead, a girl holding the lead, another girl waving a lead about, then about four metres in front, another loose dog. I slowed to a walking pace and said “Evening, can I get through?” Number two girl steps in behind number one, I fit past, then she screams out the dog's name three times as the loose dog comes bounding straight at my wheel. Again, I stop and just stand there, then ride around the dog. Another intelligent conversation with a dog owner:

  Me: “I guess that's what the lead's supposed to be for.”
  Her: “Get stuffed”
  Me: “Gee, thanks”
  Her: “...and next time slow down!”
  Me: “Lady, I STOPPED, which is why I didn't hit YOUR dog.”

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