Sat, 04 May 2002

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Three new CDs, a new pair of wheels for norky bike, a trip to the markets and a dislocated arm. Bugger! Not quite what was intended for today.


It all started fairly well; our first real weekend at home since before Easter. A walk up the street to the Richmond markets, then an enormous brunch at Blue Heaven, sitting in the sun in the courtyard in feeing more like late summer than nearly winter.

Part two of the day's shopping started along Swan Street, looking for birthday presents for others and CDs for us, and finding a new bike store along the way. Melbourne's first concept store, the guy proudly told us. Looks just like a shiny new bike shop that only stocks Specialized brand to me.

Off into the city to visit Gaslight, pick and choose three CDs each and a pair of tickets for Conrete Blonde next month. I got Do the POP the new double compilation of 70s-80s Australian garage rock and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's B.R.M.C, Joey picked up the new Billy Bragg, England, Half English, Concrete Blonde's Bloodletting and Nick Cave's No More Shall We Part.

Stepping out the door we were on our way down towards JB Hifi when we spotted a bike store, stepped inside and there was a display rack of wheels. Checked closer and they seemed to be what I was after. Instant decision time, five minutes later I was walking out the door with, finally, a replacement for the 'orrible rear wheel from Hell (or Devizes) in the form of a pair of Mavic Crossrides.

The arm? Well the full story will have to remain shrouded in mystery. Suffice it to say that at ten to midnight while lying in bed, I put my arms up to cuddle Joey, she leant down on my upper arms and everything went horribly wrong. She called the ambulance, I lay with my arm off the side of the bed how the hospital had put me once, while we wondered how long an ambulance at midnight on a Saturday would take. Managed to lift myself up on the cushions and there was a very loud clunk as my shoulder went back. Jo called up again and cancelled the ambulance, and the two of us sat in bed and drank a large mug of tea each while I held an ice pack to my arm. Bugger!

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