Tue, 07 May 2002

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A sunny day, sitting at home, my arm in a sling and not able to do anything.

An odd thing happened while I was updating this — a guy climbed up a ladder and stared in at me through the window, is very odd typing while someone cleans a window 1m away. I knew there was something I was meant to do this morning; close all the windows to make life easier for the window cleaners.

pretty icons, found them while following up something else.

Enough of this, I should be using the time wisely to complete last year's income tax, as a timely reminder from the accountant pointed out.

The Salvation Army don't want my old couch. Should I feel insulted? After many years sterling service we've replaced it, I rang them up yesterday and the truck just came to visit. The driver took a brief look at it, poked it, and pronounced it dead. Suggested that the best thing I could do would be to dump it down the street one night.

Amazing, I think I've actually managed to complete my tax for last financial year. All I need to do now is get it to the accountant.

A walk up the road to fetch some drycleaning, I thought the weather was warm, it wasn't until I stopped in at the Dover on the way home that I found out that with a maximum of 28.1°C, today was the hottest May day since sometime in 1905.

In other interesting news, a couple of old school friends caught up with me via email. I haven't seen Ralph and Denise since 1982 at Hawker College, but somehow they found me, and read about last Friday's mishaps. I think they'll laugh when they see what happened on Saturday.

Snippets from the newspaper

Bluetooth Briefcase. A lovely shade of iMac™ translucent blue.
Robocop, surely one of the silliest movies of all time. Who can forget the magnificent robot, ED209.
Seventeen Seconds to Sophie. A stop-motion film of a pregnancy.
Cycho — Stop-motion plasticine animators.
Ultra Wideband networking.
Superscape; 3D graphics engine for current mobile phones

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