Thu, 13 Jun 2002

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Haha! Despite the best efforts of the motorist in the red Honda Civic I'm still here. Wet slippery road, lights turn orange, three cars in front of me run the orange, I stop, car behind me flies around me and slides sideways around the corner through the red light!

Recieved an email back from Kodak Support Australia, they're really sorry but they've got no idea. Please call 1300.138.029. I called them and found out the good news and the bad news. The good news was that they could actually help me, the bad news... PictureCD is only available when I get my APS films developed, PhotoCD is all that's available “post-development”. Other suggestion was to try National Photos (a Kodak offshoot), who might be able to offer PictureCD after processing.

PhotoCD costs $AU19 per CD, then $AU2.50 per image, minimum of 20 images. Quick back-of-envelope calculation shows that 350 images is around $AU900!

Nope. National Photos can't help, they did refer me back to Kodak though...

Declare war on ugly web browsers! Time to encourage people to use something that complies reasonably well with HTML and CSS standards. I've included the following little 'ol snippet of javascript from to redirect anything evil (eg Netscape 4.x) back to my “about” page:

<script type="text/javascript">
<!--  //
if (!document.getElementById) {
    window.location =

	// -->

This evening I rebuilt the i2c and sensors module on wyvern to see if I can monitor the motherboard temperature. Only problem seems to be that since Monash “upgraded” it for me, I've got a very dubious no-name motherboard. The manual is for three different chipsets, and doesn't even have a company name on it anywhere! Best I can come up with is Brand X with VIA82C693A chipset.

Suggestion to load the i2c-riva module that's available from rivatv

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