Sat, 17 Aug 2002

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I don't think I was ever intending to get up to go riding at seven this morning, I'm just not cut out for the early morning rides when I can stay at home warm and comfortable. After some morning household chores I headed out by myself at the far more civilised time of about half past noon to ride down to Mordialloc and back.

It almost looked like a warm spring day. Almost, that is, until I got half way through the suburb and realised that a short sleeved top was foolish. If you sat still in the sun it was ok, but moving in the open it was still very much winter! Once down at St. Kilda, Beach road was the usual mix of cyclists, tourists and cars everywhere, I guess that's why people get up and ride earlier in the day.

Dropped in at Pegasus on the way home to top up their coffers and get myself a new tail-light—the bits of packing tape and cable ties that are holding the busted one together keep failing. I also treated the household to the track pump that we've been promising ourselves for a few months, then had to carry it home tied to my rack and rattling like crazy.

On the way back I briefly thought of visiting the Spirit of Tasmania I and II, the two new Tasmanian ferries that were tied up at Station Pier, but the wind around the bay changed my mind and headed me home. After all the fuss about the government subsidies so cars travelling free yet bicycles cost $27 each way, I was wanting to go and make some comment.

We barely had time once I was home to get changed and head back out for drinks and Nettie's birthday dinner down at Port Melbourne. I was hoping that the 7:30 dinner would make up for no lunch, but the 7:30 booking meant a 9:00pm dinner, so I was getting a bit hungry by then! Everyone oohed and aahed to see Joey's ring, it seems there's a bit of a rash of it going around, a whole bunch of people we know are either engaged or getting married soon. The food was good, a fixed menu with four entrées and four mains, it seemed that about two thirds of us had the one kalamari entrée, Jo's lamb rump was much tastier than the battered fish and chips, which seemed all batter and no fish.

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