Thu, 31 Oct 2002

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Wyvern is operational again. After spending far too long getting eye strain from reading the 5pt printing in the green guide of today's paper, I discovered that the computer shop on campus has power supplies for much the same price — $60 and a ten minute at lunch time was much easier than running half-way around town to save a whole ten dollars! I did end up with a supply that can support a P4, should I get around to upgrading the box — and the Abit IT7-RAID motherboard is looking kinda nice....

... and after seeing yet another mention of the CODA file system on one of my mailing lists, I tried to install the coda client on my laptop: Simply run the installer, pick C:\win32\cygwin, restart the machine, run a shell and start the services:

$ net start coda

The coda service was started successfully.

ajft@NBK-9978 ~
$ net start venus
The venus service is starting.
The venus service could not be started.

A system error has occurred.

System error 1067 has occurred.

The process terminated unexpectedly.

It was even more interesting when I then tried to stop the coda service... instant blue screen.

All part of the grand scheme for one decent, replicated, file store of everything I have!

Wed, 30 Oct 2002

Cooked it! // at 23:59

I removed wyvern's power-supply this morning and had a look inside — no wonder it isn't working too well — the circuit board is blackened and warped, and it looks as though half the components have been cooked. Definitely time for a new one!

Tue, 29 Oct 2002

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I've now recovered from whatever tried to kill me, but Joey had to leave work early and is now in bed with the same thing. At least we both didn't get it at exactly the same time!

To make life even more miserable, I had a rather desperate call from a distressed friend to come and pick him up from work this afternoon. Seems that a friend and colleague of his has been arrested for something remarkably stupid and could be in big trouble — It's happened, but I'm not writing about it.

Mon, 28 Oct 2002

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Uh oh! Four in the morning and I woke up with mysterious rumblings in the stomach. A mad dash to the bathroom and I spent the next twelve hours being violently ill, or collapsed in bed! Probably not food poisoning, so I guess it must be whatever has been killing off my work colleagues for the last few weeks.

Sat, 26 Oct 2002

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A morning at the markets, an afternoon shopping for unmentionable material in relation to 2003-Apr-12. Along the way I dropped in at Christies, ostensibly to look for cycling shoes, in reality to ponder the tandems — that matt black MT800 is sure looking tempting...

[*] [*] A more prosaic form of transport was employed get around the back yard while MarkO was cooking the barbecue for dinner. His pride and joy, an old Cyclops scooter destined for the dumpster before he rescued it paid good money for new tubes. I can remember having one of these back in about 1973...

Despite the best attempts of the weather to rain on us, we managed to have a successful first barbecue of the summer, probably one of many.

Fri, 25 Oct 2002

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Mon, 21 Oct 2002

Welcome to america // at 23:59

Just a little too much excitement at Monash this morning...

Two dead, eight injured in Monash Uni shooting

Helicopters buzzing overhead for two hours or more, all the phones stopped working as everyone tried to call in or out for news. The mobile networks couldn't cope either, probably because every student seems to have a mobile phone.

Still feeling a little stiff and sore from yesterday's exhertions. Walking down stairs wasn't too hard, I'm guessing that it was neither the easiest or hardest of my three “round the bay's.”

Sun, 20 Oct 2002

ATBIAD // at 23:59

Four fifteen a.m. is a completely ridiculous time to be getting out of bed. I hadn't really slept since about 1am, neighbours seemed to be coming home steadily between two and three, a cat was yowling outside the window the whole time, and then the birds started chirping around 3:45... I think I'll stick to more sociable bike-riding hours in the future.

Once outside and on my way I yawned my way down to St Kilda, catching up with another rider in Church Street who then kept me company down Chappel street — with vastly reduced traffic from it's Friday/Saturday night jams. A few cars passed carrying bikes on racks or the roof, then as we got nearer to Fitzroy street the density increased, bikes and riders were everywhere, mixing it with the departing clientel of the bars and clubs.

With near-perfect timing I reached the start at 5am, in time to see the first bunches ride off. There didn't seem to be much point in milling around in the darkness, especially since I hadn't arranged to meet anyone, so at 5:05 I was heading off down Beach road, yawning continuously.

The ride down was in large bunches, I seemed to spend most of my time surrounded by a team from Alcoa and a very large group wearing shirts advertising Dean Woods. As usual there was every mix of bike and rider and rider skills possible. Three tandems, a couple of full suspension mountain bikes, even a guy with a toddler in a baby seat. The majority of people were on road bikes, and most of these seemed fairly up-market versions. Arrived at Sorrento at ten past eight, plenty of time to gather lunch — ridiculous time for lunch — and get onto the eight thiry ferry.

Queenscliffe to Geelong has never been a ride that I've enjoyed. Usually I've ridden too hard for the first half, then stiffened up in the ferry crossing, and then can't seem to find a reasonable group to ride with. Today it was all these plus strong head-winds and a dash of rain.

Luckily, after Geelong we turned so that the wind was at least partially behind us, I found myself in a group of about ten heading up the road towards Lara at around 38km/hr! By around this stage I was starting to get a little tired of the “you must be doing it hard on a mountain bike” comments.

After falling off the back of their group I was mostly by myself on the roads towards Altona, unfortunately being shadowed by a wildly erratic guy on a Peugeot. His jerky pedalling and strange half-overtaking maneuvers from the left were quite disconcerting. Topping this off was the quick release wheels fastened incorrectly, the release levers tightened up like big wing nuts. Unfortunately I couldn't drop him and he wouldn't take the lead, just sat somewhere behind me, drifting in and out of view on one side or the other.

It was a good feeling to be crossing the Westgate bridge, coasting down for the last couple of kilometres back to St Kilda. Not an easy ride though, by this time the wind had picked up across the bay and was buffetting us about. Finally got back to Catani gardens at 13:55 after about seven hours forty minutes on the bike!

233.3 km, 8hr 32m, 27.3km/hr average speed (once I'd ridden home). Not a bad effort for the day!

The rest of the afternoon was spent dozing on the couch, listening to the noises of protestation from feet and ankles, legs, knees, bum, back and shoulders. Then early to bed!

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Sat, 19 Oct 2002

untitled // at 23:59

A Saturday to myself since Joey had to go off with her mother on secret Joey business.... Highly successful secret Joey business, since with the minimum of fuss they found and bought a wedding dress!

I did much more interesting things — like fruit and vegetable shopping at the markets, and visiting the bicycle trade exhibition at the Carlton Gardens.

Actually, the bicycle exhibition wasn't very interesting — it might have been due to the fact that I'm not after a BMX bike or downhill MTB, since that's what seemed to take up the majority of the stalls. Lots of boutique imported racing frames, and a number of very cheap looking Chinese toy/bicycle stands. Nothing much about touring, and only one very pricey tandem — AU$5000 for a Trek that didn't look like it had very speccy gear on it. Just keep looking I guess...

Fri, 18 Oct 2002

Bingo! // at 23:59

Bizarre things that I should have taken a photo of: A Bingo board sitting at the side of the road in a park, looking just like it had come straight from a 1950's bingo parlour.

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