Thu, 19 Dec 2002

Monash University ITS Christmas party // at 23:59

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Sound, colour, excitement, food — it must be the annual ITS Christmas party. The time of the year when we must pretend that we're all bosom buddies and all working towards the same goal...

A large array of inflatable bouncy-castles had been procured — probably at great expense — in order to ensure that all of ITS had “a good time.” There was a small bouncy castle, a jousting thing, a large slide, and a horizontal bungy-jump. These were all roasting hot in the sun, and only a couple of them were used to their full! I was most dissappointed that despite the signs everywhere proclaiming that they all belonged to “Pete the camel man” — A Camel Hire there was not a single camel to be seen. Apparently after 25 years of hiring out camels, the increases in insurance have killed off that part of the business.

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