Sun, 14 Dec 2003

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Oh dear, I just haven't been paying attention to the important things going on in the world — that latest batch of spams purporting to offer me nude videos of Paris Hilton, seems that there is one... somewhere. I guess it made a change from the 30 or 40 a day offering to clean my colon for me, what that says about the American publics' obsession with bowels I don't know — for we all know that the Internet is American, and that everyone on the Internet is American....

Oh damn, I said nude video and Paris Hilton together in one web page. Google bait for sure. Hi there spiders and search engines!

[*] Need to get out more! So out we did go. Out for a walk around the river, downstream to the Burnley wharf redevelopment. I was curious whether it was all still there after the floods last week!

Its an old quarry, left over from excavations of the river channel, building works in Richmond, and construction of the freeway. For years there's just been a large stagnant pond hidden between the freeway and the electrical substation, with a small wharf and some of the river maintenance craft moored. Recently the grounds around it have been landscaped and opened back up the public, and access is possible either from the road or cyclepath.

[*] Then off to catch up with some of Jo's friends in the beergarden at PA's, and a chance to get one step closer to photographing all the pubs of Richmond!

Spent a lazy few hours sitting in the shade under the vines, drinking beers and catching up with friends. We hadn't seen Neale since our wedding in April!

Then this evening, finally! Off to see Matrix Revolutions this evening. Ho hum, what a dud. Blam, blam, blam. Explosions. Shootings. No style, no suspense, but plenty of action for the fourteen year-olds.

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