Wed, 03 Mar 2004

Twisties // at 12:00

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[*] Ow! Ripped off by a snack-food company. Or ripped off more than usual! Curiosity got the better of me and I thought I'd try the all new all-singing, all-dancing flavour-enhanced and life-beautiying Wicked Cheddar Twisties. Too late I noticed that while they're the same price as the ordinary Twisties, and that the packet is the same size as the ordinary Twisties, the packet only holds 30g rather than 50g! I must get into the snack food business, at $50 per kilogram it must have quite a profit margin...

Mmmm, flavour enhancers 621, 627 and 631, mineral salt 339, food acids 270 and 330, and colours 129, 150 and 116. No wonder they taste so good. They even come with whirly little plastic things to play with on my desk.


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