Sun, 21 Mar 2004

RTA Big Ride, day 2: Gloucester to Tuncurry // at 23:59

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  Today: 74km
  Trip: 76km

Either the beer or the travelling had produced a killer headache, tend to think it was the latter since I always seem to end up with a stiff neck and a headache after sleeping in buses and trains.

Steamy and humid all morning, then a bit of a cooler change after the lunch stop. For the first half of the day I rode by myself, trying to shake off the headache and in no mood for company. Caught up with Dr Alan and Ron for the rest of the ride, down to the coast and into the wind. A couple of beers in the Tuncurry bowls club and then back to the campsite to set up the tent just ahead of the rain. Then nothing to do but sit and watch for an hour or more waiting for the shop to open to buy a towel to replace the one I'd left at home so I could go and have a shower!

Back over to the bowls club after dinner for a few more beers, too far to go to walk into town, and the clowds looming overhead looked too dark and ominous.

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