Mon, 01 Nov 2004

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Daylight saving started yesterday, another round of clock changes. Although after April's decision the camera is one less that needs to be touched. Just what is the preferred way of timestamping images though? The EXIF data doesn't seem to have any provision for timezone information. 2004-10-29T22:50:42 or 2004-10-30T08:50:42+1000? I think I'll stick with UTC inside all my photos, and fiddle it to and from local timezones in the RDF... Surely I'm not the only person who's thought of this?

I've been GPS tagging most of my photos in my copious spare time... none too accurately I'll admit, but a best guess based on the maps that Microsoft's World-Wide Media Exchange tagger brings up. []. I like the proposals for location information that's on, but without biting the bullet and writing it myself I can't see myself getting anything that can manipulate the tags. Still, it'd be nice to have photos sortable by "AU, Victoria, Bright" or "AU, 3121" for example...

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