Sat, 10 Jun 2006

Indian summer day at Lorne // at 23:59

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Looking back, it seems to be remarkably similar to a weekend down here four years ago — I even found another dead shark on the beach.

The Erskine river was the clearest I've ever seen, the bottom clearly visible at a depth of 1 metre, normally the water is stained a dark leaf-tanin brown. Almost edible-sized fish flicking about on the bottom, and sea-birds and herons all around. Two gannets circled around the bay as we walked out to the pier, it must be ages since I was last here, construction is well underway on the new pier, it hadn't even started the last time I was here, back in February.

In the afternoon I'd intended to go for a bike ride; the weather was perfect, I'd brought my bicycle, I'd brought my cycling clothes, I'd brought my helmet and my gloves — but I'd left my cycling shoes at home!

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