Wed, 27 Sep 2006

GTD — or not…. // at 00:00

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At what point does researching and reading up on how to better Get Things Done stop being useful and start to be a form of procrastination of its own? I'm not sure, but I do know that although I've made some inroads on my mess and plethora of inboxes, calendars, todo lists and notes, I've still got too many of them and I'm always a sucker to try out the next one I see.

Especially liked Patrick Rhone's Org-Fu Überpost - Productivity Whitepaper with his discussion on how he handles paper notes in his notebook, it seems to match up well with what I try to do in my PAA, only with a little more structure. Local copy below for reference:

- (Dash)
Undone Action Item.
+ (Plus)
Done Action Item.
<- (Left Arrow)
Delegated (with a note to whom and the date).
-> (Right Arrow)
Waiting - (i.e., for another action).
^ (Triangle)
Data Point.
O (Circle)
A circle around any of the above means that it has been carried forward, moved to another list or otherwise changed status - i.e., a “Waiting” item has now become an Action Item elsewhere (with a note about where that item has gone).



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