Tue, 07 Nov 2006

Melbourne Cup melancholia // at 23:59

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A cold grey dismal day. A public holiday across Melbourne, most of the rest of Australia is either on leave or slacking off and not doing much either. Everyone is either at home or gone to the races to see the Melbourne Cup. Traffic this morning is non-existant, cold drizzle as I ride to work. Blah, grey day and a grey mood. Listening my way through old favourites and the last two day's new purchases. Music reminding me of past times, reminding me of travelling, reminding me of being outside and not stuck in a half-empty office on a cold, wet, miserable day.

Woops! One of the CDs bought last night was a duplicate, the cover looked familiar, but not familiar enough obviously! Anyone want an unopend copy of Anythings, Sure Things, Other Things?

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