Wed, 28 Mar 2007

Rain turns motorists minds to mush // at 20:00

Must be international idiot on the roads day, or maybe just Melbourne Motorised Morons.... A few drops of rain on the way home and two idiots try to hit me, one successfully.

Major idiot number one was the one that missed; traffic was banked up all the way back from the roundabout to North road in the right lane so what does our hero do? He plants his foot and sends his rice-boy car fish-tailing down the left lane and around the corner, then pulled over and stopped in the bus-stop. I caught up as he drove into the bus-only lane. Stupidly I presumed he was simply illegally stopping to pick someone up, but no, he revs the car, glances right and starts to do a u-turn as I'm about half-way past his car! A loud "HEY!" from me is greeted with a shouted "Fuck off dickhead" as he slides the car around and screeches through the roundabout ahead of the ten or so cars he's managed to overtake through this manoeuvre.

Idiot number two was the far more prosaic daily illegally parked car in the street outside the house — as I overtook and turned into our driveway he pulled out without looking and ever so gently ran into my left foot. Didn't even knock me off, a brief surge of adrenaline and I'd got up the gutter and out of his way.

Bah, neither of them left me bleeding in the gutter, and with no bus-load of lawyers as witnesses there's stuff-all that our police will do if I tried to report it, so all I get to do is add them to the list of idiots who try to kill me.

Tue, 27 Mar 2007

The knee jerks, and having jerked, moves on…. // at 23:59

OK, so there was a bad collision in the Burnley tunnel last Friday. Yes, there are no emergency lanes or emergency bays in the tunnel, and yes, the speed limit is 80km/hr — except for the majority of the time when I seem to go through and its been reduced to 60 or even 40.

But come on people, the amount of crap we've seen in the papers for the last few days about "a disaster waiting to happen" is complete bollocks. Every bloody motorist in Melbourne is a disaster waiting to happen, they don't need a special tunnel for them to be stupid and drive too close together too quickly!

Amazingly, on Saturday as we drove in stop-start traffic to get off the freeway before the closed tunnel. There was a semi-trailer in front inching its way along, us, also stationary, then a largish gap and another semi-trailer with the driver slowing as he approached. So what happens? Typical idiot comes flying up the closed-off lane to overtake as many people as possible and swerves into the gap between the bumper of the truck and the back of our car! Semi-trailer driver had to brake hard to avoid flattening Mr Important in his 4WD. Um, wasn't it idiot antics like that that caused the crash in the first place?

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Sat, 24 Mar 2007

Rain, Rutherglen and Return home // at 23:59


Fri, 23 Mar 2007

Tallangatta rail trail day // at 23:59


Thu, 22 Mar 2007

Tumbarumba to Coryong and Tallangatta // at 23:59


Wed, 21 Mar 2007

Adelong to Tumbarumba // at 23:59


Tue, 20 Mar 2007

Gundagai to Adelong // at 23:59


Mon, 19 Mar 2007

Tumut to Gundagai // at 23:59


Sun, 18 Mar 2007

Tumbarumba to Tumut // at 23:59


Sat, 17 Mar 2007

Travel to Tumba // at 23:59

Wake up, pack up... Bacon & eggs for breakfast, finish off the bread. Clean up, wash up... Bicycle cleaned and ready, bags all packed. Put the bike in the car — no mean feat when one is a tandem and the other a Holden Astra. All ready to go. One last look around, "Have you got your shoes?" "Oh hell, no!" Pick up the offending pair of cycling shoes and have one more last look around.

Out of the house at 10:15 and only 40 minutes to drive around the CBD and out to the Hume highway — a vast improvement from last Friday.

Three hours of freeway with far more sensible drivers than Monday, bypass most of Albury then detour in for lunch at the Mermaid café, an old favourite hamburger joint.

Back onto the highway and north up to Holbrook, refuel, turn off and head east to Tumbarumba. One bad moment as we were run off the road by one terrifying gravel truck, head-on straddling the centre-line and thundering past downhill, then an uneventful drive the rest of the way though rolling hills and late afternoon sun.

The Red Café in Tumba runs a 'B&B' — more of a relabelled motel I think, but they like the name. We got the last available room, unpacked and settled in, then wandered around the town. Up the main street, down along the creek to the parklands, then back around to the Union hotel for a few beers. Sadly, no bistro, so at eight we left and walked two doors along the street to the other pub for an enormous steak dinner amidst TAB screens, pokies and seemingly hundreds of mandatory government signs warning of the dangers of problem gambling.

Stuffed full, we staggered out the door and back to the hotel to bed.

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