Sun, 13 May 2007

Train in vain — part #2 // at 23:59

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After yesterday's V/Line farce, what wonders would the train home bring? At least we'd be spared the platform announcements, Garfield's station is rather sparse — a small half-enclosed shelter on an open platform is all the protection you get, there's a timetable pinned up away on the other side of the line, and a confusing sign telling us that the trains travel through Garfield on either the left or the right... depending on what time of day it is!

Prior to 2pm on a Sunday they drive on the left, so platform two was correct — although this was the same platform we arrived at yesterday!

We sat in the sun and waited... and waited....

Yay, a minute or so after noon and the train appeared, we're not sure whether it was meant to arrive at 11:41 or 11:51 so I've no idea if it was ten or twenty minutes late.

There seems to be a constant amount of stuffing about that has to be added to any trip I make on the trains, it just isn't worth it for a trip of only an hour!

That's enough from the both of you V/Line and Connex, stop appologising for the lousy service, please just fix the damn train system!

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