Fri, 10 Aug 2007

Telstra Bigpond — still a big pain // at 13:00

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Yay Telstra (again). Since their account management system is incapable of handling my work address, I have to have my bills emailed to me. Due to "security reasons" they have to be emailed to my Bigpond account and I cannot have them emailed to any other address. (Note, I can have the physical bill mailed to any address). However I can have my Bigpond email forwarded to another account, so I send it to my normal work account.

The Bigpond bill for the 1st of August didn't turn up, it might have vanished with the spam, but that's unlikely, since I review the contents of my spam folder before deleting it all.

No problem — I thought — simply log onto the website and email myself a copy of the bill. Haha, not so fast.... Every time I try I am presented with the following:

  Technical Failure

  An error has occurred while trying to provide the page you
  requested. This may be due to a problem with your browser or may be
  as a result of a current system outage. You can check for outages
  using the Service Status page. If there are no outages reported on
  the Service Status page you may be able to fix the problem by
  closing all of your browser windows and reopening them.

Over the course of four days, three computers, two operating systems and two web-browsers I've tried to email myself a copy of the bill — with the same results every time.

Two days ago I lodged a query with Bigpond support asking for it to be fixed — a query that they said would be answered within 24 hours. The 24 hours came and went and I received another email telling me that my query would take longer than 24 hours. The second 24 hours came and went and I received a second email telling me that:

  We will need to attempt to replicate this error on our test
  machines. Please contact Help Desk by phone on 133 933 (Selecting
  Option 1, Option 1, Option 1) quoting your ADSL username. Once we
  have verified the account holder, we will be able to assist you
  further and forward the issue to our Server Complex department if
  necessary. Due to security and privacy procedures, we are unable to
  assist further via email correspondence.

I called and played the voicemail games, then I got to a person. The technical assistance was uninterested in "replicating the error" and told me it was a billing problem and that they couldn't help me with and transferred me to the billing staff. The billing staff then asked for name, account and date of birth again, since they can't have these transferred with the call from the technical assistance!

The billing staff can't help me with the website not sending me emails — that's a technical problem and I'll have to contact technical support! I explained that technical support were unable to help and had transferred me to billing support and that I wanted two things; a copy of my missing bill and the my.bigpond site fixed so I can send myself other bills. The billing support staff are unable to email me a copy of my bill, apparently because I am unable to send myself one!

There is a copy of my latest bill in the post being sent to my home address, and as for fixing the website so I can email myself other bills... “Other people are able to use it so there can't be a problem with the website”.

I guess I wait for the first of September and see what happens with the next bill....

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