Wed, 23 Apr 2008

What a load of...! // at 11:11

I defy anybody to make sense of the following gibberish:

Today's enterprise network landscape incorporates numerous discrete but interrelated infrastructure elements - applications, databases, services, and hardware - and encompasses a variety of management disciplines, interfaces, tools, and dashboards. Typically, these elements are lashed together with chewing gum and baling wire. Nevertheless, the expectation is that such a patchwork assemblage will work cohesively, even though in practice the cohesion among such diverse sets of components is seldom transparent and never seamless. Run Book Automation (RBA) represents an emerging technology space architected around various sets of standards. Early adopters turn to RBA to address basic enterprise needs for coherent, end-to-end task automation across the IT landscape. These early adopters also typically seek to fill the gaps using turnkey solutions instead of patching site- or system-specific solutions together.

...with apologies to the vendor who sent it to me.


Sun, 20 Apr 2008

The Weddoes meet the Wiggles // at 22:00

Weddings, Parties, Anything know their audience well; they're all getting older, they're all getting fatter, many of them have kids... so for the last show in the series of the ten-year reformation Christmas in April it was a matinee show. Quite odd to walk in from the bright autumn sunlight to a dark pub bandroom and see not only a room full of punters but young kids darting about here and there, dancing on whichever of the two stages wasn't currently in use, and generally putting everyone in a good mood and making them laugh.

Even the merchandising was in tune with the audience, amongst the t-shirts, Hawaian shirts, CDs, DVDs and footy scarves there were bibs for babies! Your choice, either "Weddings, Parties, Anything.. 10 year reunion", or the magnificently tongue-in-cheek titled "Spawn of the Women."

I'm no good at writing gig reviews so I'll give it a miss, they opened with Wide Open Road, I think everyone had a good time, I ran into an old friend from years back and we all left contented.

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Wed, 16 Apr 2008

To blindly follow... the History meme // at 09:00

If they all jumped off a cliff would you follow? From

nidhogg:~$ history|awk '{a[$2]++} END{for(i in a){printf "%5d\t%s \n",a[i],i}}'|sort -rn|head
   42	cd
   34	ls
   10	grep
    8	make
    5	svn
    5	./
    4	p9
    4	./ldapstaff
    4	export
    4	du

Hmm, cd, ls, grep, make, then yesterday I was fiddling with svn for a while, trying to get hold of the source for something interesting. The pything was analysing some numbers from a system performance utility, p9 invokes the rc shell of plan9ports. Then right down at number 8 we get to an LDAP wrapper script I use for work-related porpoises!

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Tue, 08 Apr 2008

Hey, where did June and July go? // at 21:00

During some browsing around this partially migrated mess that is my website I've discovered that entries from June and July 2007 seem to have vanished. Did I do that? If so, how did I do that and when did I do that?

Where did they go, and can I get them back?

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Fri, 04 Apr 2008

North road and Grenda buses… again and again // at 09:30

There must be something about their "professional training", I really can't think of anything else to explain it.

Every day I ride up North road, usually with no problems

Every day I am passed by several hundred cars, usually with no problems.

Every day I am passed by one or two buses from other bus lines, usually with no problems.

About once a month some maniac in a Grendas bus seems to want to kill me.

January, run off the road, then told to G* F*d by Grendas management when I wrote to them.

February, abuse screamed at me by a Grenda driver for being in the adjacent lane 3m from the bus wanting to do a hook turn!

Today, 6115-A0 passed at I guess 70-80km/hr with about 10cm clearance, blew my bag off my back and helmet half off my head. Any chance of pulling out a bit into the (vacant) adjacent lane next time? At the Clayton rd/north rd set of lights I pulled up alongside the bus in the middle lane, 'cos I thought he would be pulling into the bus stop after the lights, but instead WHILE CHATTING ON THE PHONE, he swerved out half a metre into my lane while pulling away from the lights then tore off up North road and through the Dandenong road lights as they went orange to red.

[2008-Apr-08] Revisited: Hmm, maybe someone at Grenda's is getting the general idea. Maybe I just met the other 29/30 day's bus drivers who don't have a problem. This morning Mr Bus driver of 6116-A0 was quite happy to go past with over a metre clearance, even though he had to almost change lanes to do so.

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Tue, 01 Apr 2008

Painting into a corner // at 21:00



We're getting there! Slowly, every so scarily slowly, the front room is progressing from a disaster zone to a bedroom.

The floor is in, the skirting boards replaced or reattached, the timberwork has all been primed, now the walls have been painted. Carpets and curtains and painting the trim remain... and the deadline gets closer.


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