Fri, 22 Aug 2008

Gravatar // at 17:00

Is this useful? I guess it could be, rather than the myriad of web presences and individual icons that every site uses, to have one default icon used everywhere.

Once you've registered on you can upload assorted image icons, these can then be referenced from anywhere via a URL based on the MD5 hash of the email address:

echo -n|md5sum

See also: WP_MonsterID :: Dammit Jim!

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Wed, 13 Aug 2008 … visualising words // at 09:30

Fri, 08 Aug 2008

Happy Birthday Telstra Bigpond! // at 18:00

What a pathetic joke. There's a problem with my Bigpond account and the online billing.

  • I can see my bills online
  • if I hit the "email" button to try and email any bill to myself I generate an internal error on the website.

Lodged the problem report with them exactly one year ago today, called several times during August 2007 and was told nothing helpful, then two months later had finally got it escalated and then was told I could not call them but had to go away and wait and they would call me when it is fixed!

Well a year has passed and it still doesn't bloody work!

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Thu, 07 Aug 2008

The Korean restaurant is dead, long live the Korean restaurant! // at 20:00

Another one bites the dust.... Korean Home-town Cooking has closed. A tiny shop, bright right fluorescent lights, half a dozen cheap tables and excellent food — I had a soft spot for the place since it first opened and the owner sat me down and gave me a pot of tea and a snack to help make the wait for my take-away meal more bearable. Closed, and in its place — and in its premises with the old decor — there is now Soban.

What better day to try them out then. Or perhaps not! Tonight was their very first opening and the two waiting staff didn't seem to know where anything was, and seemed in great danger of crashing into each other as they frantically hurried back and forth in and out of the kitchen. Placing my order I was told it would take half an hour or so — not good — that's double the wait we used to be told. “You go for walk,” accompanied by vague hand-waving towards the door. Even less impressed, it's around 8°C outside and starting to rain, but maybe if I go and walk around the block for quarter of an hour it'll make them less nervous.

Sure enough, it's half an hour until my food arrives, many smiles and wishes of good luck, and off back home.

Sadly uninspiring. How can anyone provide Bul-go-gi with no Kim-Chi? It all looks — and tastes — like generic bland shopping-mall food-court Asian food.

We'll have to give them another try in a few weeks once they're established.

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Tue, 05 Aug 2008

How fast is it? // at 19:00

From some browser tabs I'd left open over the weekend, here is a speed test I ran on the Bigpond ADSL 256/64 service I use:

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