Mon, 29 Mar 2010

Fish in a barrel // at 16:00

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OK, OK, so picking on the little paper is like shooting fish in a barrel... but surely sometime, somewhere, somehow, they could employ a high-school graduate or even a monkey from the zoo to proof-read these stories before they publish them:

...It lasted another 5km until the alleged driver and her teenage passengers finally abandoned the car when the tyre came completely away from the rim and made a run for it.

Don't you just hate it when the tyre comes off the rim and makes a run for it?

Or maybe:

A MAN dressed in camouflage used an archery-style bow to fire a steel-tipped hunting arrow...

Wow, amazing, just think he used a bow to fire an arrow! Extra points if you can think of absolutely anything else that the Herald Sun think you can fire an arrow from... perhaps a kazoo, or a mickey-mouse watch.


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