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All from Living by Design, Sunday supplement to The Age:
bachkit, 1300.288.223
Eco-Villa 0401.448.443
Modscape 03.9314.7769

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Building a decentralized grid with Plan 9 and Inferno
If a centipede loses one leg, he can still walk; if he loses a hundred legs, he can still squirm.
This site contains a collection of articles about Plan 9, Inferno and the technology transfer of their technologies to other platforms such as Linux. It will include articles about ongoing development, novel applications, and step-by-step tutorials on using the various technologies.

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“Haven't you ever spotted them and thought; where are the owners? Do they not know or notice that they lost a shoe? Did the parent of that baby shoe feel sad at the loss? I recently began taking photographs of the phenomenon. So please do take that photograph next time you spot an abandoned shoe, then email to with the date, time and place you found it - and any theory or words you'd like to share with the readers of this blog!”
“Mysterious doorways, curious windows, fascinating glimpses and interesting signs... all those moments that make 'enchanted glimpses' when out in the world.”

Mon, 15 Dec 2008

The birds, the birds… // at 12:00
Some good photos, but I do wish she'd stop splitting words in two; eg Honey Eaters and King Fishers, which everyone else in the world seems to be able to write as Honeyeaters and Kingfishers respectively.
Indigenous Flora and Fauna Association

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Wed, 26 Jun 2002

Get Philosophical // at 00:00

From The Age, Wednesday June 26, 2002. Originally from Guardian

If philosophy's your subject, here are some sites to help the thought processes.

The Argument Clinic
[] — Submit an argument to the clinic and have it critiqued by staff at the University of Northern Colorado.
The Atheism Web: Logic and Fallacies
[] — An excellent introduction to contructing logical arguments, together with an intriguing list of common fallacies.
Bjorn's Guide to Philosophy
[] — Although this site is no longer being maintained, it is still very useful as it includes summaries of the lives and thoughts of many philosophers.
Blupete's Philosophy Site
[] — Includes a good range of biographies with summaries of thinking: Descartes, Hegel, Kant, Plato, Popper, Sartre, Schopenhauer and many more.
Episteme Links
[] — A comprehensive ethics and philosophy site arranged into topic sections with substantial searching facilities.
Ethics at RS—Web
[] — The ethics section of RS—Web contains links by ethical theory and issue, as well as a glossary of terms and links to online versions of major philosophical works.
Internet Encyclopaedia of Philosophy
[] — Another vast resource containing articles on philosophers, philosophical and ethical theories, terms, movements and so on.
Philosophy Comix
[] — If you want to know how a Garfield cartoon can convey conversational implicature, Peanuts false cause of Dennis the Menace Mill's method of residues, start here. No explanations are given, but the cartoons make a good primary source for lessons.

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