Tue, 16 Mar 2010

Canon E18 error strikes again // at 20:00

Went to turn on the IXUS 700 this evening to take a picture of Cam running around building towers in the kitchen and there was that horrible grinding noise from the plastic gears in the lens, three or four high pitched beeps and the dreaded message on the screen “E18”.


That'd be the error that seems to plague the IXUS cameras. The error that Canon refuses to acknowledge. The error the the Australian staff “had never heard of”. The error that my first IXUS700 thankfully got while under warranty and was replaced. The error that almost seems to inspire thoughts of products “not of merchantable quality” and “defective design.”

I guess I've had a reasonable run out of the camera, but I see no reason why I should have to spend big money because the bloody thing broke due to a fault that Canon built into them.

A bit of hunting around shows that the first one lasted from 2005-Jun-09 to 2006-Jan-03 — just on six months — then expired. The replacement took over two months to turn up, but I've been using it from 2006-Mar-06 up until last weekend — somewhere just over 4000 photos, it claims to be up to 4318, but has done some odd jumps when I've moved the memory card from a video camera back to the IXUS700.

Tomorrow I find out how much they want to repair an almost perfectly good camera that for four years has done almost everything I want. Sure, I'd prefer better macros and a better zoom, but anything else and I'd be giving up the convenience factor and the pocketability of the IXUS.



2010-Apr-07: Only three calendar weeks and I've got my camera back — a big improvement on my previous experience of Canon service. Newly repaired and hopefully good for another four years' use!
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Mon, 06 Mar 2006

The IXUS700 returns! // at 00:00

After two months and three days of being off with Canon Australia's repair facilities I've finally got my faulty camera repaired and sent back — well actually I've got a brand new replacement one. I think another two weeks went by after the last two weeks after the two weeks previously, the parts still hadn't turned up, Canon still hadn't repaired it, and the embarrasment factor got so bad that they just sent me a new one!

So do I now have twelve months warranty on the new one, or do I only get the remaining six months from the first one transferred across to it? Who knows, hopefully it will never suffer the dreaded E18 error that so many of them see to be afflicted by.


OK, now here's a scary experiment:

Find me on MySpace and be my friend!

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Thu, 16 Feb 2006

Canon still has my camera // at 00:00

Six weeks and counting.... The six month old camera has now been six weeks at Canon Australia with the dreaded "E18" error, an error that Canon Australia claimed they have never heard of.

Its now two weeks since the "parts should be here in two weeks" statement so I called them up again.

Quotes from today's phone call:

"No, the parts haven't arrived yet and we have no known ETA for the parts."

I stated that I found it slightly ridiculous that they kept no parts for cameras that they service, having to then order these from Japan for repairs.

When I asked them to tell me when the parts had actually been ordered, they couldn't say, "probably the 17th of January". I think she then read the saga on the job card, because rather than the normal offer to take my number and call me back, I was asked to hold while she went next door to find out.

"We have to order parts in bulk, they were ordered on the 16th of January but it takes a long time to come here from Japan and through the docks."

"Try again in two weeks or so, about the end of February."

I pointed out that I'd been told two weeks two weeks ago, and that at the end of February I was going on a holiday — a holiday I had hoped to take my camera on. I guess I just wait another two week, that'll make two months!

The best part of all of this? Knowing full well that although they may take two months to repair my camera and eventually get it back to me, judging by all the other reports I've read of the dreaded E18 error on all the mini IXUS-like models, there's absolutely nothing to stop the camera failing again a week after I get it back, or worse, failing a week after the 12 month guarantee runs out. Canon, my APS IXUS was fine, my IXUS300 was fine, but this whole business of spending $700 for an IXUS700 camera with a built-in fault sucks!

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Thu, 02 Feb 2006

Canon, take 3 and a half // at 00:00

Amazingly, after yesterday's promise Canon have called me back in only a day and a half. That's the good news.... The bad news is that they're waiting on a part and the parts have to come from Japan. Apparently Japan is a long way away from Australia and parts from Japan travel very very slowly. They expect that the parts will be in Australia in another two to three weeks, but they will mark on the job sheet that it is urgent, so I should manage to get my camera back in around two months total! They'll extend the warranty for the time it's been in for repairs too — very generous — but I think they're legally required to do that anyway.

Six months use of the IXUS700 then two months repairs. Hooray for Canon!

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Wed, 01 Feb 2006

Canon, take 3 // at 00:00

Its been four weeks now, and two since my last call, it must be time for another call to Canon. I'd really like to get my IXUS 700 back before I go away on holiday at the end of the month! 13 13 83, 3, 1, “All our operators are busy, please stand by....” A long wait since I've foolishly called up at lunch time, then a friendly, helpful Canon person on the phone. She's friendly and helpful, but “I've got no idea why it isn't repaired yet. Someone will call you within three working days.”

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Wed, 18 Jan 2006

Calling Canon.... // at 00:00

“Seven to ten days,” is the quote when I drop the camera off at the service centre, “you'll hear from us by then.” Well, its two weeks now and not a word so back into voicemail land I go. 13 13 83, 3, 1, “All our operators are busy, please stand by....” At last a human, some questions, here's my repair number and I'm assured that the camera has been received — on the 12th — apparently it took nine days for the camera to get from Melbourne to Sydney! I could have carried it up there on my bicycle in that time!

“We're waiting on parts, this is our busiest time of the year, it should be two to three weeks, give us a call sometime next week.” Two to three weeks, plus the two weeks already, maybe a month or a month and a half of the one year warrantee for one repair!

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Tue, 03 Jan 2006

Canon Woes // at 00:00

First page via Google when asking about the E18 error from my less than six month old Canon IXUS 700. Courtesy of www.ixus-world.de:

The E18 error message is the worst that can happen to an owner of the Canon IXUS. By manky mechanics the camera cannot drive their lens out any longer and displays the error "E18" in the lcd display. If the warranty of the camera has ran out it's not worthwhile to repair it by Canon in most cases. With a little luck you can repair the damage by yourself..

Oh yay!

Then what a coincidence — drive over to the Canon service centre at lunch time to drop my camera off and there's one guy waiting at the counter ahead of me. Surprise, surprise, he's dropping off an IXUS750 with exactly the same problem. Of course the service desk staff claim that they've never seen it before on any camera....

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Fri, 21 Dec 2001

A new toy arrives // at 23:59

I've got my new toy to play with, I'm happy now. Canon Digital IXUS 300. It's a millimetre or two thicker than the APS camera, but the same size in the other dimensions. All I've got to do now is learn to use it properly!

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