Please be patient. I’m experimenting with a USB camera connected to either my desktop PC at work, or a laptop provided by my work, both of these run some form of Windows software that grabs hold of images. The main part of the experiment is to find a seamless way of uploading these images to

I haven’t found any free Windows software that will do what I want in an unobtrusive manner, nor can I get the USB camera to work at all under Linux on my home machine. Any hints or suggestions would be very welcome!

To add an extra degree of difficulty, once I installed the drivers and software for my digital camera on the laptop, the USB camera has stopped working completely.

There’s a chance I can use the Digital IXUS 300 as a webcam, but that would definitely require me to buy an external power supply for it.

: Latest news is that with a bit of experimentation, I’ve managed to get the LifeView RoboCam™ working under Linux. Still needs work to automate the snapshots and uploads.