I was heading west along Bunda street at approx 17:30 to turn right into Petrie street, a white mercedes 220 (ACT registration, UPDATE either ###-### or ###-###) carrying 4 home-boys with their flannel shirts, baseball caps and loud rap music, drove up to the stop sign, stopped and accelerated across in front of me. I had to brake heavily to avoid running into the side of the car and yelled out “HEY!”

5 minutes later as I was riding north along Torrens street the car approached me from the rear, swerved in at me and the front passenger yelled out “Hey you c*nt” and swung his fist at me. The car then fish-tailed around the corner into Henty street, then came back around the next corner and headed towards me on my side of the road.

Rang the police when I got home and was told “If they didn’t actually hit you, there’s no point in making a complaint”

Refs: Originally in my bike incidents page.