Approx 16:00, riding down the hill along General Bridges drive to turn right into ??? road, a white panel van (Holden or Ford) covered in signwriting for some business, ACT registration ###-### approached from my left to turn right across in front of me. Unfortunately the dopey bastard behind the wheel was deep in conversation on his hand-held mobile phone, steering with his left hand and swung so wide around the corner that his wheels where in the gutter on my side of the road! Judging by the contortions he was going through and the expression on his face, I don’t believe he saw me even after going around the corner.

As well as crossing the unbroken lines (twice), according to Telstra and the Road traffic authority:

Driving while using a mobile phone in the ACT is an offence known as “driving without due care and attention”, and drivers can be charged even if an accident does not occur. The offence attracts a mandatory fine of $93, plus the accrual of 3 demerit points. You may also be charged with ``negligent driving” which attracts a fine of $145

Refs: Originally in my bike incidents page.