I was stopped at the intersection of Willesden and Poath Roads on the way home waiting to turn left across the railway lines. Owing to a broken down train the lights stayed red with the boom gates down, so I got off and walked up the road to the fruit and vege shop. Walking back down the road I watched the fourth in a line of about ten of the cars waiting to turn left pull out, drive down the wrong side of the road, through the red traffic light, and park in the middle of the intersection with its bonnet under the boom gate. Car three (a white panel van) then followed, down the wrong side of the road, through the red light and parked with its rear half across the pedestrian crossing. When the pedestrian crossing lights became green I wheeled my bike across the intersection, squeezing between this van and the original first car, my handle bars hit the rear of the van and the driver started blasting on the horn and screaming and waving his fists at me. I walked across the rail lines, remounted my bike and rode home.

Refs: Originally in my bike incidents page.