Around 4.45 pm riding north up St Kilda road in the cycle lane at around 40km/hr I saw a girl standing on the footpath in-front of me, as I was nearly level with her she waved at a cab, who must have come up behind me along the road. The cab swerved through the bike lane while alongside of me to pick her up, she was staring straight at me and looked terrified, I tried to avoid running into the cab as he came in at me, but hit the left rear door as there was no room between it and the parked cars. I yelled and punched the boot of the car and the driver started screaming at me and waving his arms and looked like he was going to get out and attack me, so I took off up St Kilda road. I got a nice big bruise on the outside of my right knee where it hit the cab, a sore shoulder from jarring it when I punched the cab, and unfortunately didn’t get his number.

Refs: Originally in my bike incidents page.