Jo and I were riding to the Bicycle Show at Caulfield racecourse at 11.30 am. Riding two-abreast along Neerim road in Carnegie a car came up behind us and blasted on the horn, there was little traffic and other cars had driven past. I moved further to the left, then Jo moved closer to me, and as the car (an old white Ford Fairlane) went past the woman driving it started yelling and screaming that “we should get a f*cking license if we wanted to ride on the f*cking road”. I replied (reasonably loudly, but not shouting or screaming) asking if they had any idea what the road laws were and that I paid taxes like everyone else. The male passenger then started swearing and screaming and just ended with “Get a f*cking clue”, then they sped off.

Refs: Originally in my bike incidents page.