8:45 this morning I was riding at around 30-35kph along Willesden road, past my favourite Greek Orthodox school and church. As usual there was a lot of slow moving traffic (around 35-45kph), a group of three cars gradually overtook me, then the last one slowed and as I was alongside, turned into an empty angle-parking space, starting to indicate as he did. I was forced down into the parking space, bashed my knee into the passenger door and when I got to work discovered I have injured my left wrist. The driver of the white sedan, Victorian registration ###-##2 or possibly ###-##3, was going to church and was quite upset at hitting me, but in his words “I indicate, why you not look?”

Pity he didn’t look, then wait, then indicate, then turn, like you are supposed to.

Refs: Originally in my bike incidents page.