Today 111km
Trip total 245km

With much prodding and cursing, Andrew managed to wake us all up around 8 am — nobody seemed to be in a morning mood. Breakfast was a leisurely affair, quickly devolving into a hectic ride and a flat-out sprint for the last kilometre in order to get on-board the 9 am ferry! Kath and Ricardo had driven down in the car and convinced them to hold the ferry for us — but only just — the guy on the gate waved us in like a formula one flag marshall, and the ramp was being lifted as we crossed it!

A very pleasant warm crossing of the heads, then disembark and up the hill to Sorrento for coffee to complete the waking-up process.

The rest of the ride back was enjoyable despite a gentle headwind most of the way. I got told off for pulling away up the hills at Mt Martha, but that’s nothing new. We all stopped for another bite to eat in Frankston and I spotted a poster advertising the Tea Party playing in Melbourne tonight. Then it was up Beach road for the last 50 km to home.

Andrew faded badly, eventually stopping in St Kilda to catch a train the rest of the way, leaving the remaining four of us to ride back to Fitzroy to sit around at Paul’s and talk and drink more coffee. I was in danger of falling asleep in my chair by the time Kath and Ricardo turned up with the luggage, but managed to drag myself up and rode down to Richmond station to catch the train home — absolute chaos since the footy had just finished at the MCG.

After a shower and a nap, a quick visit to the supermarket was needed. I came home with a pile of groceries — it was the first serious shopping I’d done since before Easter!

Back home again, it was off to bed — warm, happy, worn-out and very comfortable. Not much chance of dragging myself out to go and see the Tea Party after all.


Queenscliff, Sorrento, Frankston, Fitzroy