I was riding home from work along Willesden road Oakleigh at 17:05, there were parked cars on the opposite side of the road and traffic from head on passing. The driver of a car behind me couldn’t pass and gave me a long blast on the horn which I ignored. The car, (white Holden Commodore sedan, black tinted rear window, Victorian registration ###-###), then pulled alongside with the occupants yelling abuse, then swerved in at me, clipping my front wheel with their rear bumper, then spun the wheels and drove off. Driver was not visible due to the darkness of the window tint.

At the Willesden road/Poath road intersection the car was stopped for the traffic lights, and as I tentatively rode past on the left, the passenger again yelled something at me and threw a cigarette butt at me as I rode past. I said “Learn the road rules” in the window and then proceded to Murrumbeena Police station. The police officer took the details on the back of a piece of paper, stating that “I won’t take a statement now, after I ring them up and find out what happened I’ll get back to you tonight or tomorrow and we’ll see whether you wish to take it further”.

The police officer called me back the following evening, stating that he had interviewed both occupants of the vehicle in person and “given them a right serve on their driving behaviour”. However, both deny that their vehicle hit me, deny that a cigarette butt was thrown, and claim that I swore and abused them, so it was pointed out that it would be fairly pointless to take the matter further as it would be their story vs mine in court.

Refs: Originally in my bike incidents page.