On my way home at 17:15 along Dandenong road, it had been drizzling and the road was wet and the streetlights were on. A white Magna (from memory, Victorian registration ###-###) drove up from Greta St, barely slowed, then turned sharply left into Dandenong road approximately 1m in front of me, I braked heavily and nearly slid into the rear of the car. The driver then slowed and as I drew alongside (yelling loudly), his left indicators came on and he turned left into the service lane! Again I had to brake heavily, this time to avoid being hit by the left-hand side of the vehicle. I continued up Dandenong road and then saw that he had turned into the sports oval so I followed and asked the driver why he had nearly run into me twice. He claimed that he hadn’t seen me, I pointed out that I was wearing a fluorescent yellow Netti jacket and had both front and rear flashing lights and that he can’t have been looking if he couldn’t see me. He claimed that I needed better lights, my comment was that maybe he should either try looking, or removing the exceptionally dark window tint that covered all side and rear windows of his vehicle. At this he wound the window up and ignored me, I shouted that maybe next time if he killed someone he might pay a little more attention, at this he wound the window down, again told me to get some lights and said “OK, you’ve said your piece, get lost”.

Refs: Originally in my bike incidents page.