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Another day of being a tourist. I shouldn’t have bothered with the two day bus pass . There was very little that I felt like seeing today — I was all museumed out. Did a bit of wandering around the shops this morning and saw a reasonable looking leather coat for 55000P, but not good enough to grab me.

I got off the bus at the bottom of Montjuc and found that half the places were closed since it was Monday, the other half were closed since it was siesta time! Walked up the mountain and looked at two very different views. To the north-east is the city and port, all very pretty, to the south-west is just miles of container shipping docks, incredibly industrial and industrious.

Coming back down the mountain I went on a huge walk down to the bay then around the beach, feeling mellow and thinking about friends I hadn’t heard from for a while. I think being on my birthday in the one town I didn’t like was what had started this off, then this morning I’d managed to check my email and got a couple of messages from parents and friends.

Later on I got completely lost walking back up from the beach and ended up at the Arc d Triumphe, turned north instead of west and it took me ages to get back to the hostel, stupidly wandering about with far too much money in my pocket since I’d just been to the bank.

Back at the hostel I found that someone had been fiddling with my bike and had removed the front wheel and left it on the ground next to the rest of the bike. I then went through a huge rigmarole with the hostel staff since they wouldn’t let me bring the bike inside the hostel, then a tenant from downstairs started telling me off since the hostel guests are forbidden from storing bikes in the courtyard and must keep them inside the hostel! Eventually the hostel staff decided that she couldn’t really remember one way or the other and let me put the bike in my room.