dst. (km)
Today 109.12
Trip 2332.2
Avg 20.6km/hr
Riding 5hr 16’ 22”

I managed to leave around 9:30 am this morning and spent the first half of the day riding through flat, ordinary, honest farmland. Mostly piggeries and corn-fields, it was almost pleasant to be just riding — no touristy things to gawk at, no fabulous destination — just riding along, getting gradually closer to Pamplona.

Sticking to the back-roads I had a very quiet day, its feeling very autumnal all of a sudden, after weeks of the south and the coast. Further inland and further north I guess, there’s a coolness in the air and the smell of autumn leaves.

Feeling quite tired and a bit sore for most of the day; I’m sure I overdid it in the first few weeks and I’m still not really eating enough. Lunch was a very welcome bocadillo con tortilla at ??.

Cruising along with my thoughts again, spent quite a lot of time thinking about a few friends and when we last spoke.

I contemplated riding on to Huesca but it would be a further 50 km and I don’t think I’m up to it, or would collapse if I did, so stopped and spent the night at Barbastro. Barbastro is a very pleasant old town with a very run-down feel to it. As I wrote this I was sitting in the shade having a beer, looking at the autumn leaves blowing about.

An early dinner of fiddly char-grilled rabbit which had me smacking my lips and covered from head to toe in small bones and tasty morsels! Since I was so tired I had an early dinner, alone in the café then went back to bed for an early night.


Agramunt, Barbastro.