dst. (km)
Today 0.0
Trip total 3075.5
Odometer 179.8

I wasn’t feeling well this morning and slept in quite late. There were assorted bad dreams, I nearly fell out of bed a couple of times, and I’m still feeling quite bloated from the meal last night. Skipped breakfast and stayed in bed, watching the rain.

Around 10.30 am I walked up the street to see what all the noise was about that had finally woken me up. Then stayed around to watch the start of the local MTB races with Mike and Richard in the rain. Wandered off through the village and joined David, Karen, Keith and Katherine for coffee, but I think this was a bad idea as it quickly made me sick again and sent me back to the hotel to bed.

Some of the others headed off either riding, driving or walking in the fog, so much for our grandiose plans to go riding β€” I stayed in the hotel in bed for most of the afternoon.

Around 10 pm Mike and I headed up to the local shops and some pizza for dinner, I’m hoping I’ve recovered enough to hold it down. Had a long chat about cycling here and in the UK and Australia, and the attitudes that people have towards cycling.

Still wet and foggy and drizzling as we headed back to the hotel to go to bed. I’m starting to feel a bit depressed that the last two weeks have been such a high point, and that there’s another three weeks of making time pass before I get home to see Jo.