A hot sunny day, a holiday feel in the air again. Breakfast was yet another episode of the English B&B’s game of advertising a “full English breakfast,” and then seeing how small a portion of each item they can deliver.

I spent the morning walking around the Brighton Pier, then the aquarium. The aquarium was a bit of a disappointment, after reading so much about it I found it full of uncontrolled kids running around hammering on the glass and yelling at each other. In addition, most of the exhibits were designed for children or short adults, hardly anything was visible for anyone over about 5’6” — I found myself staring at the wall above the tanks and had to keep crouching down to see in.

After the aquarium I just kept walking along the sea front. Up to the marina to have a look around. A standard upmarket waterfront development, same as anywhere else in the world, apartments, cafés and wharves. I did manage to purchase a pint of Hoegaarten in a glass that closely resembles a bucket, and had a lazy lunch watching tourists get on and off the tour boats, and the O.A.P’s file in and out of their tour couches….

Eleven days to go… Feeling a touch melancholy as I wrote today’s postcard — then later burst into laughter as I passed a newsagent and saw the catchy headline on one of the women’s magazines “Is your man having a holiday fling — how to tell from his postcards.” I’m kicking myself that I didn’t buy it to post the article to Jo.