Again, the morning held only a comfortable couch and an escapist novel. The riding yesterday really wore me out!

I spent the afternoon shopping and emailing and walking about, then came home for a rest before going out for the evening. I’d decided to sample some beers and entertainment, so it was a couple of beers at O’neals, then a walk, then a couple of Guinnesses at the Walkabout. Franchised Irish bars to franchised Aussie ones. Their only redeeming features being the cheapness of their beers.

Tried to watch the highlights of today’s tour stage, but ten minutes before the finish the bar staff turned off nearly all the TVs and showed only a direct video of the band that was playing at the other end of the room! Bloody annoying, when I asked, the bar manager told me “tuff” , and pointed out that I could still watch sport on two of the eight TVs. Wonderful, these were showing an “X-Treme Sportz” channel of snowboarders and skateboarders crashing into things and each other.