Last night I lay in bed reading until around three, so this morning I slept in until nearly eleven — so much for going away and doing anything today!

Rang Jo at noon, having completely forgotten that it was Friday night in Australia and she might be out. She was home and we could have talked for hours, both of us excited that I’ll be coming home soon.

Later in the afternoon I headed into town along the Kennet, deciding to go and see a movie, hopefully a better one than the I tried! Swordfish was on; Hollywood-ified computer hackers, action, car chases, etc. All good silly fun. There was a very slightly twisted plot, a little reminiscent of the Usual Suspects, but it was not explored in any great detail, explosions and chases being easier on the audience’s minds.

Finally having a chance to catch up, Liz and I sat up half the night drinking wine, watching TV and talking. Talking about family and relations and us and Jo and me and how things have worked out. The wine and the TV had us in fits of laughter; an intentionally funny Billy Conolly special, followed by an episode of “The Equalizer” with acting so wooden that we were in hysterics.