Now this could be a bizarre house moving experience, potentially the world’s shortest. Joey and I went to look at flat number two, next door, and decided that it looks pretty good. Just like number one — only twice as big — and not twice as expensive!


Norky bike was ready for collection from the shop, Freedom Machine, revitalised after its sojourn in foreign places.

UK and France: Six weeks riding around the UK and France.

Norky Bike Service: [2001-08-16 Thu]

Part or Service price
Race prep clean and lube. $AU84.95
Ritchey Fuzzy Logic headset $AU95.95
Shimano gear cable $AU5.75
Shimano gear cable $AU5.75
Brake cable $AU5.00
DT Spoke $AU1.00
Shimano HG chain $AU67.15
Total $AU265.55