Well well well… A quick email exchange with the author of the package and it seems that I’ve found a bug that causes blogmax to fail in Windoze Xemacs 21.4. A new version has been provided and it now seems to work. Now its just up to me to see whether I can make it work for me.


I’m not sure what the coefficient of friction between hail-stones, a wet road, and worn motorbike tyres is, but I think I came very close to finding out on the way to work this morning. Terrible weather, made me want to go back home and curl up in bed.

Real-estate agents

Later on, yay, real-estate agents, one of my favourite life-forms. In typical pushy real-estate agent fashion, the 1st of September is barely acceptable, we are expected to be able to terminate our current lease on zero notice, pay a month’s rent as non-refundable deposit before tomorrow lunch time, and to sign the lease in the agent’s office, at their convenience.

Of course we don’t have much choice, so we accept.