A simple matter really, just notify the Real Estate agent that I’ll be moving out in 28 days…

  • Call agent, the phone is engaged.
  • Half an hour later, call agent, leave voice mail message
  • an hour later, get a call from a different agent “didn’t you remember that Kirsty is no longer your agent.” (Oops, obviously I didn’t). Get the fax number to send in the notification.
  • Send the fax, it fails, either I wrote down the wrong number or Colleen gave me it wrong.
  • Look up Biggin and Scott’s webpage to find the correct fax number. It isn’t listed, but they do give the office phone number.
  • Call the office, wrong number, seems that the website has incorrect info on it. “We get a lot of calls for them, goodbye!”
  • Look up Biggin and Scott in the whitepages, call their number, get the fax number, which is one digit different from what I had. When I tell them that their website is wrong I get, “Oh yes, we know about that.”
  • Yay, success, after two hours, four phone calls and two fax transmissions, I think I’ve let them know!