Carried my camera around with me all weekend since I’m trying to finish the roll of film, if it wasn’t so expensive to develop APS I’d probably just get the half roll done.

King Parrot on the balcony at Lorne / [2001-08-26 Sun] / Lorne, Vic., AU

While I was trying to take a photo this morning of a King parrot that came to eat on the window sill I found that the battery is flat. They don’t seem to last long, and at $19 a time, certainly add to the costs of the pictures. I desperately had to laugh when I found that even the batteries have a URL on their case. Step right up to to find out all about them!

Rainforest, Lorne, Australia / [2001-08-26 Sun] / Lorne, Vic., AU

Jo and I spent the afternoon trudging through the mud in the Otways. A brief attempt to visit Cora Lyn Cascades was aborted when we discovered that the creek was well over the track, and there was a metre of debris choking the valley from storms earlier in the winter. The cascades look far more impressive now than during the summer when most people see them, with only a trickle of water over the rocks. Erskine falls was similar, not quite a torrent, but a definite waterfall.